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Marketing Apprenticeships

In April 2017 the government in England introduced an apprenticeship levy for those employers with a salary bill over £3m. An employer’s salary bill is made up of the total amount of employees’ earnings that are subject to Class 1 National Insurance contributions such as wages, bonuses, commissions and pension contributions.
Prove your worth to current and future employers by joining our Chartered CPD Programme. It’s a great way to manage your professional development whilst also demonstrating your commitment to keeping up-to-date and learning new skills.

What is CPD?
'The proactive maintenance and extension of professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to drive responsible practice throughout working life.'
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about improving skills and knowledge, ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional. It’s relevant throughout your career – whether you are new to marketing or an experienced professional wishing to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques.

What’s in it for you?
By joining our CPD programme, you’ll gain:
•    new skills and knowledge, up-to-date with the latest trends.
•    tangible evidence of your commitment, competence and professionalism.
•    enhanced opportunities in a competitive job market.
•    personal confidence in your credibility as a marketer.
•    a clear route to Chartered Marketer status.
•    an opportunity to track progress and receive recognition for your achievements.
•    improved productivity.
•    increased ability to adapt positively to change.

Updated and re-released in 2016, the Professional Marketing Competencies are a framework of marketing abilities which provides a guide to the skills and behaviours that are expected of professional marketers at varying levels of proficiency.

Developed from extensive research with employers and employees in marketing and broader business functions, the Competencies give individuals and organisations the basis on which to assess the abilities of a capable and competent marketer.

The core capabilities sit at the heart of marketing and are relevant to all marketers regardless of their role, their industry sector or the stage that they have reached in their career.

The technical competencies identify the knowledge and skills required in specific areas of marketing, reflecting the variation in career progression available in this field.

These capabilities describe the behaviours that marketing professionals need to be able to demonstrate in order to do their jobs efficiently and effectively and contribute to the achievement of business goals.


How do I get into Marketing?

What is marketing?
Identifying something that people or businesses want and are prepared to pay for, or a problem that they would like solved (it could be an easy way to make a cup of tea, it could be getting the latest music).
Developing a product or service (anything from teabags to iTunes) that meets that need and then promoting it so that the audience is aware of its existence.
Working out the details and making sure you’re charging the right price for the product or service. If the price is too low, you won’t make any money, if it’s too high, people won’t buy it.

Is marketing right for you?
A successful career in marketing requires a lot of skills. Whilst not all of these skills are necessary, if you can pick out a couple that you’re good at, this will really help you when applying for marketing roles or courses.

Art and Design
Creative flair is key to marketing and it is certainly true that a picture paints a thousand words. Design has always played a huge part in marketing as it’s important to know the way goods are packaged, promoted and how company websites and literature look and feel.

English and Humanities
If you’re good with words and language, marketing could be perfect for you. Effective communication is key to marketing because whether it’s a magazine article or a TV advert, you’re talking directly to your audience. Unless you can get the important points across, you’ll never persuade them to buy your product!

A surprising amount of marketing is about analysis – which often means taking lots of data, numbers and information in order to make sense of it. Marketing research and strategy are fields where numerate people thrive. For example, the ability to calculate whether promotional campaigns have been profitable is extremely important.

Marketing involves appealing to people globally. You must be adaptable to change and sensitive to different cultures. Citizenship teaches how to be an effective citizen and about understanding the social and political world around you. This ensures that as a marketer you provide an honest, fair and ethical business to all customers.

Computer studies and IT
Technology has become increasingly important to marketers in helping them deliver and promote their products in the market. Just look at the rise of podcasting and ‘viral’ campaigns. The forward–thinking people with the technical skills to make all of this happen are among the most successful marketers.

Marketing is an increasingly global business. The ability to speak foreign languages and understand other cultures gives you a major advantage when working for multi–national companies. This could also give you the opportunity to live and work abroad

Before a company can start creating a marketing campaign, it needs a product to sell. Whether it’s designing light bulbs or cars, the skills needed to manage the development of products are very specialised and are often heavily based on science.

How does it work?

We work with leading Africa, Asia, Europe and America  universities, colleges, Institutes etc  to map the content of their marketing and business degrees against the learning outcomes of aicm qualifications, to assess where we can award exemptions from our programmes. This means that you can study AICM qualifications without having to do all of the modules. For most qualifications, you’ll only need to take two assessments instead of the usual three. You can also add an individual award to supplement your degree.

Benefits to you as a student
•    Increase your career potential
•    Differentiate yourself from the other candidates
•    Develop practical skills you can apply in your career
•    Become an Affiliate of the world’s largest membership community of professional marketers, AICM

Step 1: Find your course
Select a University

Step 2: Contact your university
If your degree qualifies for exemptions, contact your university directly and ask them to enrol you onto the AICM Graduate Gateway programme.


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